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Become resident, save tax and live in this booming island paradise.

Mauritius has always been a favorable connection for Europe and South Africa. It’s now also the gateway to Asia, the Middle East, and Australia, with over 500 direct flights to destinations such as England, France, India, China, Australia, Dubai, Turkey, South Africa, and more. With corporation tax as low as 3% and personal income tax capped at 15%, this combined with a low tax rate and booming economy, makes Mauritius a smart choice to base your business.

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Why Mauritius?

Moving to Mauritius from South Africa, citizenship, Immigration Visa

From superior schooling for your kids to exceptional living, this is an unbeatable lifestyle for the whole family. Mauritius is no longer a holiday resort island – it has fast become a global destination where businesses and families thrive.

Living in Mauritius has never been better with Vida Cafés, Woolworth’s stores, large shopping centers, golf courses, hiking, and great beaches, combined with an attractive tax environment and realistic cost of living ensures that you truly have a winning destination.

The advantages include:

  • Moving to Mauritius from South Africa
    A favourable fiscal regime
  • Mauritius Immigration
    A strong banking and business sector
  • Moving to Mauritius from South Africa
    An emerging country with advanced information and communication technologies
  • Mauritius Visa Requirements
    Ideally located in terms of time zones

Superior Living

Become a resident, save tax and live in paradise

It’s completely up to you… whether you’re looking to buy or rent, house or apartment, Mauritius offers a wide spectrum of pricing to suite everybody’s pocket. Tight restrictions on foreigners are a thing of the past. Renting or buying a home is now easier than ever. Beach villas to plantation houses – Mauritius offers it all, with a guarantee that you will never be more than 10 minutes from the beach.

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Exceptional Schooling

Be impressed by the academic level

Mauritian students consistently rank in the world each year for Cambridge International O Levels, International A and AS Level examinations. From Prep to Senior School, as well as boarding options, Mauritius has a wide choice of schooling that meets international standards.

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An Island Like No Other

With years of experience let us show you the way

Moving to Mauritius from South Africa is now easier than ever. With years of experience you can rest easily knowing that with Mauritius Immigration you are in the right hands. No matter whether you’re looking at Mauritius visa requirements, becoming resident, considering emigrating to Mauritius or simply doing your research on the cost of living, expat jobs or hospitals in Mauritius we are here to help make your move an easy one

We also offer all our clients un-paralleled service when it comes to your move. We are always here to help, questions you need answers for? “what is the best place to stay in Mauritius”? “are there jobs in Mauritius for expats”? Who to get in contact with regarding buying a house, villa or apartment? Just ask we’re always happy to help.

We can help with:

  • Immigration to Mauritius from South Africa
  • Mauritius visa requirements
  • Emigrating to Mauritius
  • Mauritius Citizenship
  • Work in Mauritius and much more
  • Hospitals in Mauritius

Superior Living

Become a resident, save tax and live in this island paradise

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