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We can help save you tax and move to Mauritius

Big Business

Tax saving, Residency, Staff relocation

With years of experience we are well versed in the intricacies of the global finance industry. Offering a range of financial services including structuring, formation, trusts, funds, administrative companies is the smart choice when looking to save tax and move your business offshore.

We look at your business and taylor to your needs accordingly whether your situation is suited to a GBL, Domestic Company, Trust or Freeport Company you can be assured you are in the right hands.

  • GBL (Formerly Category 1 Global Business Licence)
  • Authorised Company (Formerly Category 2 Global Business Licence)
  • Domestic Company
  • Trust
  • Freeport Company
  • Limited Partnership
  • Fund
  • Residency Permits

Big/Small Business

GBL (Global Business Licence)

Enjoy as little as 3% company tax

A GBL1 offers the highest degree of confidentiality. GBL companies can undertake a wide range of activities ranging from holding investments, asset management, project management to consulting and more. A GBL is considered a tax resident in Mauritius and thereby falls under the benefits of the double taxation treaties of Mauritius.

A GBL1 is taxed at 15% on its chargeable income but may claim a foreign tax credit in respect of foreign tax suffered or deemed 80% presumed foreign tax credit, which is the higher, thus resulting in a maximum tax rate of 3%.

The advantages include:

  • advantages
    Low tax regime
  • advantages
    No capital gains tax
  • advantages
    No exchange control on repatriation of profit, capital or interest
  • advantages
    No withholding tax on dividends and royalties paid

Save tax by becoming a Mauritian Tax resident

A favorable tax environment on your doorstep

With the unstable economies of surrounding countries, Mauritius has fast become the go-to destination where companies, individuals, and families move their businesses, save tax, and live an amazing expat lifestyle.

Large or small businesses, individual or family, we can help you save tax and become a resident in this stable island paradise.

  • Personal income tax capped at 15%
  • Low crime rate
  • Stable economy
  • 3% company tax*
  • Unbeatable lifestyle
Becoming a Mauritian Tax resident

Big/Small Business

Authorised Company (Formally Global Business Licence Category 2)

Tax exempt in Mauritius.

An "Authorised Company" formally known as a global business Licence category 2 or GBC2 is a private company that only deals with non-residents and currencies other than the Mauritian rupee, outside of Mauritius. It is often used for marketing, international trading, and invoicing purposes where treaty benefits are not required.

Big/Small Business

Offshore Trust

Protect your assets, save on tax

Offshore Trust

An offshore trust based in Mauritius is a legal structure that provides asset protection, successor and estate planning, accumulation and preservation of wealth, as well as inheritance tax planning and asset protection. We take care of everything from establishment of the trust, liaising with founders, provision of council members, management and administrative tax compliance to preparing and attending trustee meetings.

Big/Small Business

Domestic Company

Becoming a resident, save tax and live in paradise

A Domestic Company is a locally based private or public Mauritian company which falls under the laws of Mauritius. Benefits include a flat tax rate of 15% tax, low start up costs, residency through work permits, with low salary requirements.

Small Business

Residency permits, low tax rates, relocate to mauritius.

Whether you’re an individual trading stocks, flipping properties, working as a developer, Padi Dive instructor, or professional fisherman, you can move to Mauritius and save tax while doing it.

  • Low setup costs
  • Simple and efficient
  • Residency through work permit
  • Low income tax
Small Business
Self-employed/ Start-upEntrepreneur

Small Business

Self-employed / Start-up / Entrepreneur

Self-employed is an easily obtainable work / resident permit for small businesses, freelancers, and consultancies. Suited to individuals and couples, it is a simple and easy way of gaining residency in Mauritius.

  • Gain Mauritian residency
  • No minimum salary requirements
  • Low turnover requirements
  • Low overheads

What our clients had to say

Setting up a Business in Mauritius

Jobs, Immigration & Mauritius Citizenship

Setting up a business in Mauritius is now easier than ever. With years of experience you can rest easily knowing that with Mauritius Immigration you are in the right hands. No matter whether you’re looking at Mauritius citizenship, residence, considering emigrating to Mauritius from South Africa, or doing your research on the cost of living, English expat jobs or hospitals in Mauritius we are here to help make your move an easy one.

We offer all our clients un-paralleled service when it comes to your move. Have questions you need answers for? “What is the best place to stay in Mauritius”? “Are there English jobs in Mauritius for expats”? Who to get in contact with regarding property for sale in Mauritius? Maybe our view on locations like Anahita Mauritius and Azuri Mauritius? No problem we’re always happy to help.

We can help with:

  • Immigration to Mauritius from South Africa
  • Mauritius visa requirements
  • Emigrating to Mauritius
  • Mauritius Citizenship
  • Work in Mauritius and much more

Superior Living

Become a resident, save tax and live in this island paradise

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